Microsoft’s new patent, to steal Android’s glamor

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it had agreed a deal with smartphone and tablet vendor Velocity Micro Inc. to license its patents, ensuring the Redmond-based company will receive royalties for every Android device released whilst under the agreement.

Velocity Micro is the latest vendor to license patents from Microsoft, joining General Dynamics Itronix which signed what looks to be a very similar deal.

By licensing its Android patents, Microsoft isn’t just creating a revenue stream from its competitors, it is also slowly chipping away at the Android ecosystem. By undermining its “free” open-source nature, Microsoft has been able to force vendors to pay for technologies they hope to use in their devices.

In May, it was reported that Taiwan-based smartphone manufacturer HTC was reportedly paying Microsoft $5 for every handset it sells with the Google-owned Android operating system installed. A Citigroup analyst had released a report indicating the figure of $5 per handset is paid, owing to a patent settlement deal relating to an intellectual property infringement.

Microsoft has labelled Linux-based operating systems (such as Android) as infringing on its intellectual property but is steering clear of Google, instead choosing to pursue device manufacturers. Also, it means it can put a price on a big rival platform that is otherwise free to use.

Steve Ballmer noted in October that “Android has a patent fee. It’s not like it’s free.” – Microsoft certainly seems to be profiting greatly as a result.

It’s possible that with a potential licensing deal looming, manufacturers could be tempted to explore Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, but we have yet to see any evidence of that. However, if Microsoft continues to sign individual deals, royalties would be specific to each deal, making other platform licensing options a possible reality.

Some cool new stuff from google

Here is some thing new and cool from google, a “Search Globe”, its a visual representation of google searches in 1 day, it uses the WebGL technology in modern browsers to render this on your own PC so you can view if faster.

Just so you know each colour is a different language for example light blue is English. Also you will need Google chrome to view it as its the only browser I have installed that has WebGL built in, so sorry firefox and safari users you will have to move to another browser to see it and god help you if your using Internet Explorer I don’t know how your still with us.

Have fun
Peace Out
Tristan Dawson

Westpac down, time for a sale!


In honour of Westpac leaving us high and dry with an EFPTOS machine & online payment gateway experiencing ‘technical difficulties’ we’ve decided to have a SALE.

ALL Westpac & St George customers get %33 off EVERYTHING in our North Fitzroy store.

Methods of Payment:
CASH, rubber cheques, IOU’s scribbled on the back of beer coasters (with a note from your mum saying you’ll cough up the coin).

Raid that rainy day stash, smash that piggy bank and show Gus your ATM cards (what else are you going to do with them today) at the door.

fine print:
SALE ends whenever Westpac comes online.”

Above is a marketing tactic that Haul used today. Great idea!!

Whats new with Tristan

Well Tristan got Portal 2 last night and finished the co-op missions, tho I didn’t take any videos of the missions so Tristan’s gonna have to do it again before putting any photos up so stay tuned for the pictures 😀